How to Tie a Tie

Welcome to my How to tie a tie website!
In this website I will teach you How to tie a tie, easily! I’m sure that with some practice you will shortly be able to tie a tie, easily, with your eyes closed..
Today, there are 4 major tying methods: Four in Hand, Windsor Knot, Half Windsor Knot and the Pratt Knot. All of these tying methods are basically similar one to another. The 4 Tying methods results in a different shape of the knot, and size, fitting different kinds of fabric thicknesses of ties, and the variety of collar shirts.


How to Tie a Tie - Four In Hand Knot Four In Hand Knot
The most common tying method. Simple & elegant tie knot.
How to Tie a Tie - Windsor Knot Windsor Knot
The respected tying method. Wide & symmetric tie knot
How to Tie a Tie - Half Windsor Knot Half Windsor Knot
Medium-thin tying method. Semi-version of the Windsor Knot.
How to Tie a Tie - Pratt Knot Pratt Knot
Neat & gentle tying method. A little thinner than the Half Windsor Knot


In this website I will teach you, step by step, how to tie a tie with the four major tying methods:

Four In hand is the most popular tying method. It’s also the simplest among the 4 major tying methods. The four In hand looks elegant & and “cool” together and it will be great for almost every event. A little bit asymmetric. Read more..

Windsor knot is a symmetric and wide tying method, Considered high-class tie knot. The Windsor Knot is a little more complex to tie than the four in hand. Used only for thin-medium fabric materials and for wide collar shirts. Read more..

Half Windsor knot is the semi-version of the full Windsor Knot. This tying method is a little bit thinner than the Windsor knot and provides a combination of thinness while preserving the full Windsor knot shape.  Read more..

Pratt knot is a tidy & gentle tying method. Thinner than the Half Windsor, Good for thick fabric material. Fit almost every shirt & occasion. Read more..