Avoid and Remove Wrinkles on a Tie

Wrinkled Tie
Ties are a very important part of your dressing, especially for those in the corporate world who use them on a regular basis, or for those who wear them occasionally, on some special events. However, very few people take proper care of their ties, while the majority neglect them and as a result, end up finding them wrinkled or ruined.

As you might have noticed, it is common to find wrinkles on your tie, just after you take them off, even if you have worn them only for a couple of hours. This is normal and would usually fade out after a few hours, only if you treat them right.

The most common cause on wrinkles on ties is due to improper untying. Many people usually just pulling out their ties abruptly in an effort to get them off their necks as soon as possible. This should be avoided at all costs, since it promotes permanent wrinkles on the tie, or could even destroy the tie, since some ties are made of very delicate material. Ensure that you take time to untie them as you would do to knot them; A successful solution could be repeating the knotting process, but backwards, meaning from the last step to the first.


Another cause of wrinkles on ties is a poor packaging. In case you are traveling, and storage all your stuff in a bag, try to ensure that your tie is kept appropriately in your bag, and not just twisted and thrown in.

Removing tie wrinkles could be easy, however only if the wrinkle isn’t to strong. One way is to carefully wrap the tie around your fingers to form a loop, while supporting the smaller end with your thumb, to ensure that it is inside the loop. Then leave the wrapped-up loop of tie on a flat surface for couple of hours to regain its shape. Other way is to hang the tie on a hanger for a day or two in the closet and let the gravity do its trick.


For more serious wrinkles, ironing the tie could be the answer, however ironing the tie is not suited for every tie (depending on its material) and could damage the tie.