Different types of neckties you may unheard

Posted by admin in Blog on 31-03-2013

As a man, if you are looking to wrap something around your neck and give out a stylish, positive vibe, there are a number of neck ties available for you to try. For most people, they grow up thinking about the standard neck ties only. Sure, you can try out a variety of different knots if you feel like, but then, don’t you want to try something new and different from common neck ties? There are a variety of different types of neck ties that you can try for yourself, and if you are the least bit interested in fashion, you definitely need to give these different types of neck ties a try. Here are some of the most unique and stylish neck ties that you can try: Read the rest of this entry »

Main Necktie Fabrics and Materials

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For a man, wearing a tie is an absolute essential if you are looking to go all dapper and stylish. When it comes to professional attire, wearing a tie is an absolute must, since it goes perfectly with a suit. For over two centuries, ties have been the mainstay for a man’s attire when it comes to professional clothing, and over the passage of time, there has been great innovation in the designs and the types of ties and knots that are available today. Now, ties are made from a variety of different types of materials, each of which have their own positives and negatives. Here is a brief description of the most popular fabrics that are used to manufacture ties: Read the rest of this entry »

Tying a Tie Tips for Beginners

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Tying a tie for the first time can be really frustrating and seems very hard to get done properly. Don’t worry, it will become easier, and with time you could do it with your eyes closed. In this post I’ll give some tips for beginners to successfully tying a tie and getting a better knot shape. Let’s get started:

The first tip is to start from the beginning, meaning choosing a simple tying method. The Four In Hand tying method will be the best choice, since it is a simple and an easy one. Not only that the Four in Hand is a simple to tie, this knot is also the most popular one, and looks great! After learning this tying method you will understand that all the tying methods are basically similar, and mostly have the same ending… Read the rest of this entry »

Women and Neckties, Is That So?

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Woman in NecktieWomen and ties have had a long history together. Even though many think that ties are primarily men’s wear, women have also featured predominantly throughout history with the modern tie. The first instance in which some form of the modern tie was worn by women was during the Second World War, when women featured predominantly in offices. Their main function was to write down important messages that were relayed during the operations, and they had to follow proper dressing attire. They were supposed to wear a formal dress shirt, with a knee length skirt and a short tie in order to determine their rank and operational status. Read the rest of this entry »

White Tie Dress Code

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White Tie Dress CodeJust like a black tie dress code, a white tie dress code is also reserved for a highly formal event. The difference is that a white tie event is more formal. Events that usually render a white tie dress code are royal gatherings and highly exclusive social and evening events and are only considered appropriate to start after six pm. So, if a black tie dress code symbolizes formality, then we can consider that a white tie event is the epitome of all formality.

There are very specific rules and nuanced details that should be followed in order to dress right for an event that requires white tie attire. The attire that is associated with a white tie dress code is a tailcoat, white vest, white shirt and white bow tie. Unlike the black tie dress code, which underwent several innovations and changes since its inception, the rules for a white tie dress code have not changed much. Read the rest of this entry »

Black Tie Dress Code

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Black Tie Dress CodeA black tie dress code is usually reserved for formal events, such as weddings, going to the opera, or a formal dinner. When people think of black tie attire, the first thing that comes to mind is a black tuxedo with a black bow tie. What does a ‘black tie dress code’ mean precisely?  It is a term generally used to describe the attire for a man to a formal affair taking place after five pm. Its style is more formal than business casual and less formal than white tie, usually entailing a black wool suit along with crisp white shirt and a black tie.

While the colors for a black tie dress code have remained virtually the same, today men have more choices that allow them to include their own personal style and preferences for an outfit that has prescribed rules. If you make sure to follow the specifically laid-out guidelines, you will be spared from making a fashion faux pas. Read the rest of this entry »

The History of the Necktie

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History of the NecktieNeckties have become a prominent of daily attire for men, especially professional working men. Neckties are worn on collared shirts, suits and are also being used as a fashion icon nowadays. However, the history of the necktie dates way back to the time of the Chinese and the Romans, who used to wear it as a part of their uniform, or as a type of an emblem which was used to discern their group or faction. Throughout the centuries, some type of neck wear, different than the standard outdoor scarf, could be traced through, but it did not exactly resemble the modern day necktie, although it is said that such neckwear managed to lay down the foundations of the necktie that we see at present. Read the rest of this entry »