Buying a Tie Tips

buying a tie
Buying a tie can easily turn out into a failure, especially in a case you unaware of some simple & basic rules that are a “must” when buying a new tie. Here are some tips that help choosing the right tie, and not disappoint:

  1. Tie must must a defined suit/jacket.
    When choosing a tie, it should be to a specific suit/jacket. Therefore you’ll have to bring your suit/jacket with you when you buy it. This is the most important tip (actually 2 tips..), because when you bring your dress with you and try on different ties. You can be sure you wont disappoint.

  2. Make sure the length of the tie is right for your height.
    You may need to choose a longer/shorter tie according to your height, as once you knot the tie you do not want the ends only coming halfway down your shirt.

  3. Make sure the tie is not too wide.
    The best tie is one where the narrow end of the tie has a width that is slightly smaller than the height of your shirt collar. This is another reason why bringing your shirt along or having it available is handy when picking out a tie. This is done so that when you fold your collar down, your tie does not peek out from underneath.

  4. Choose the right fabric or material to suit your needs.
    Silk ties have a more shinny look and work best when you need a tie for evening wear. Polyester or cotton blend ties are usually more durable and therefore can withstand in a repeated wear, such as to an everyday wearing at the office.

  5. Be aware to the tie care/maintenance demands.
    It is important to read the care labels on every tie so you could know what will need to be done in order to keep your tie looking clean and new, as some materials require spot cleaning, dry cleaning or even special laundering.

  6. Get creative with the tie and ties you pick out.
    Opting for solid colors gives you greater flexibility in pairing the tie with different shirts, and choosing a patterned or multiple colored tie can give a plain suit a pop of color and looks great against a solid white shirt for a hot of style.

Good luck finding your new tie!