Different types of neckties you may unheard

As a man, if you are looking to wrap something around your neck and give out a stylish, positive vibe, there are a number of neck ties available for you to try. For most people, they grow up thinking about the standard neck ties only. Sure, you can try out a variety of different knots if you feel like, but then, don’t you want to try something new and different from common neck ties? There are a variety of different types of neck ties that you can try for yourself, and if you are the least bit interested in fashion, you definitely need to give these different types of neck ties a try. Here are some of the most unique and stylish neck ties that you can try:

Ascot Tie

An Ascot Tie, or as it is commonly known, an Ascot, is a narrow band that is wrapped around the neck with wings that are wide and point outwards. Tradition states that the Ascot tie be made from pale grey silk with a pattern on it. Commonly, the Ascot Tie is worn on formal occasions, and is usually folded over, and tightened with a pin or a tie tack. In most cases, the Ascot Tie is worn with a cutaway morning coat and matching grey trousers.
The Ascot Tie is a much modified version of the cravat tie, which evolved during the 19th century to become what it is today. The Ascot Tie comes from British descent, and over time has become a traditional figure in custom British and Scottish weddings.

Bow Tie

The bow tie is commonly known to all, and is one of the more common types of men’s neck ties. Primarily, the bow tie is a ribbon made of fabric and is tied around the collar in a way which allows the two opposing ends to form a type of loop. Since the bow tie is more popular as compared to other types of neck ties, you can easily find ready to clip on bow ties in the market, which do not require you to create any sort of loops, and can just be clipped on.
In common cases, bow ties are worn primarily along with the traditional tuxedo, and the short collar shirts. Generally, bow ties are made from silk, cotton polyester and other common materials such as wool, which means you are likely to find a decent fluctuation in their prices.

Bolo Tie

Usually unheard of by many people, the bolo tie is totally different as compared to common neck ties. Primarily, it is just a neck tie that consists of a singular cord which has metal tips that are decorated. In place of a singular cord, braided leather might also be used in order to give a much stronger effect. Anybody can make a bolo tie, since all you need are items such as coins, lady’s pins, polished stones, etc. and pass the cord through them in order to get the neck tie.