How to Tie a Bow Tie

The Bow tie is a popular type of necktie, which transmits a formal and high-class look. The bow tie will suitable for formal events (such a wedding or a ceremony). The most common tied bow tie is a black bow tie.
Although tying a bow tie considered a bit more difficult than the other long ties, you will surprised to know that tying a bow tie is easier than you think. Despite that, it takes some practice to get the bow tie well tied around your neck, but don’t worry, using this guide you’ll shortly master on how to tie a bow tie.
The bow tie is tied just like a shoelace, so in general, you already (probably.. :)) knows how to tie it…

Bow Tie Instructions Step 1

Tying a Bow Tie Step 1

Place the bow tie around your neck so one end of the bow tie will be slightly longer than the other (about 2 inches).

Bow Tie Instructions Step 2

Tying a Bow Tie Step 2

Bring the longer end of the bowtie across the shorter end, above it, to the other side.

Bow Tie Instructions Step 3

Tying a Bow Tie Step 3

Pass the long end of the bowtie inside the loop around your neck, upwards, Just like in the step image. Tighten the knot around your neck (It will be difficult to tighten it later on… ). This is the base knot.


Bow Tie Instructions Step 4

Tying a Bow Tie Step 4

Fold the short end of the bowtie to form a bow shape. Place the bowtie directly above the base knot.

Bow Tie Instructions Step 5

Tying a Bow Tie Step 5

Turn the long end of the bowtie downwards, above the folded bow shape.

Bow Tie Instructions Step 6

Tying a Bow Tie Step 6

Fold the long end of the bowtie to a bow shape (just like you did with the short end in step 4..)

Bow Tie Instructions Final Step

Tying a Bow Tie Step 7

Insert the bow-shaped long end into the hole behind the bow-shaped short end (The hole is between the base knot and the back of the short end bow). Insert the long end through this hole, up to the middle of the bow. (The narrow section)
Tighten the bow tie, by holding both ends. Adjust the bow tie to get a symmetrical and even look form in both sides.

Tied Bow Tie


You successfully tied your bow tie. Keep practicing tying a bow tie to get it memorized and tie it a lot faster and accurately.

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