Main Necktie Fabrics and Materials

For a man, wearing a tie is an absolute essential if you are looking to go all dapper and stylish. When it comes to professional attire, wearing a tie is an absolute must, since it goes perfectly with a suit. For over two centuries, ties have been the mainstay for a man’s attire when it comes to professional clothing, and over the passage of time, there has been great innovation in the designs and the types of ties and knots that are available today. Now, ties are made from a variety of different types of materials, each of which have their own positives and negatives. Here is a brief description of the most popular fabrics that are used to manufacture ties:

Throughout history, the number one material used for the manufacture of ties has been silk. When compared with all other natural fibers, silk turns out to be the strongest, and also has a very nice feel to it. Obviously, silk ties are slightly more expensive, and are mainly considered as a ‘luxury’ fabric. There are numerous advantages of using silk as a manufacturing fiber, since it is very sleek, is quite durable and does not wrinkle easily at all. Silk ties come in a variety of different colors, and manage to retain their shape very well.

Most polyester neck ties try to replicate silk neck ties. This is because polyester is quite cheap, and you can easily purchase polyester ties at a very convenient price. However, unless you got it from a branded store, it is likely that you bought a pretty cheap quality tie. When touched, polyester ties seem quite stiff. However, in the summers, polyester ties will tend to get quite hot, hence making it very uncomfortable for you to wear them in public or in official places.

The problem with cotton neck ties is that they tend to wrinkle very fast, and very badly. Therefore, in order for the fabric to retain its shape, it needs to be pretty heavy fabric. Moreover, the construction of the tie from the inside needs to be properly done in order to make sure that it doesn’t lose its shape. A common issue that arises with cotton neck ties is that they are not tightened properly with the shell fabric, which begins to show after a few washes as the tie begins to lose its shape.

Primarily, there are two different types of woolen ties. These include the woven wool ties and the knitted wool ones. For ties that are made from knitted wool, the primary issue is that they tend to lose shape tremendously quickly and very easily, which means that they require intricate construction inside in order to stay in shape.
Woven wool neck ties do not require as much construction, primarily because they tend to stay in shape better than knitted wool ties. However, these ties are bulky and uncomfortable and should be avoided by men who have large faces.