Matching a Tie

matching a tie a tie

Matching a Tie to shirts and jackets is not the end of the world. Many men think it is a task that only one born with a special sense can achieve. Nothing could be farther from the truth. By learning a few simple rules, anyone can match a tie to the shirt or jacket worn.

The plain white shirt is the easiest. Any color or patterned tie will do, if the tie matches or coordinates with the trousers worn. Many men working in offices find a white shirt and tie to be “standard” dress.

If you will be wearing a jacket, consider where it will be worn. This will help you choose the appropriate tie. Church or work is not the place for a “naked lady” tie. Save novelty ties for novelty situations and places. If your workplace has a “crazy tie” day, then it is appropriate to wear something non- offensive, yet funny.
Solid color shirts are not as tricky as it seems. The simplest choice is to match the same color tie with the shirt. This is a common practice, and is often worn for work.

Here are a few rules to help those who are “coordination challenged.” Keep in mind the color of trousers or jacket worn with the tie.

White shirt– any color, any pattern tie will do.
Black shirt– black, gray, white or other colors.
Pale blue– try dark blue, white, light gray, yellow, burgundy, red, pale blue or navy.
Pink (pale, of course) – wear light gray, white, navy, burgundy or pink.
Tan shirt– tan, white, light or dark-ash gray, brown (any shade of brown), try black
French blue (kind of between navy and pale blue) – gold, French blue, gray, white, yellow, bright red, gold (not glittery) or a deep burgundy.

For striped, patterned or checkered shirts, try this exercise. Hang the shirt by itself on the wall or lay it on the bed. Look at the base color; that is the predominant color. Use that color for matching the tie.

If a diagonally striped tie is desired, and the chosen shirt is also striped, make sure the tie’s stripes are twice the size of the shirt stripe. That means that a shirt with quarter-inch strips should be paired with a tie that has half-inch diagonal stripes. Choosing a tie with two coordinating colors in the above list will work well.

Plaid ties are more fun. It is easiest to pair them with solid color shirts that coordinate or match the main color of the tie.

With a little practice, finding the right tie to wear will become second nature.