Necktie Accessories

While a necktie makes you look sophisticated and well-dressed, you won’t be completely dressed until you have certain accessories for your necktie.  Whether you dress for a business appointment or you dress to impress at a social gathering accessories will enhance the total effect.

Accessories for your tie are usually whatever affects, or attaches to, the tie directly. This can be expanded to include a few other items, however. Pocket squares can easily fall into the category of accessories. Cuff links may be a coordinated adjunct to tie material as well, although this would admittedly not be a common accessory.

Tie Clasp

Tie clipsA tie clasp is not only a chance to make your wardrobe look unique with an added touch. A clasp, or clip, will save your tie from becoming entangled with the meal on your plate. Tie clips come in a large range of designs. Some are quietly diamond studded; others have gold mixed with precious stones in perhaps the colors of one’s native flag. These clips can also be embossed with the logo of your company. They can even announce your favorite sports team. Tie clips are as versatile as they are useful.

Tie Bar

Tie barThese are pretty much in the same line as the tie clips. Instead of clipping onto the tie and shirt with a clip that has a tiny spring in it, the bars simply slide across the material of tie and shirt. The function is the same and both work well. The bar may have a flatter appearance than the clip if the bar is plain. However, if the bar has a design attached to it that is three-dimensional, then it can be just as high as the clip.

Tie Chain

Tie chainHolding the tie close to the shirt keeps your tie where it is intended to be rather than dangling forward or from side to side. The back part of the tie chain hooks over a shirt button in yoke fashion and the front is a loosely U-shaped chain that adds an interesting, perhaps even romantic, touch to the necktie ensemble. It is a little reminiscent of the watch fob and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Tie Tack

Tie tackBecause tie tacks are actually “tacked” onto your shirt, they require that you pierce a hole through your tie. This is not necessarily advisable. Even though the tacks work very well and many come in exquisite designs, they will damage your necktie. The front part, the visible part of the tack that is seen, is equipped with a pin which has to penetrate the tie and shirt alike. The back part which is inside your shirt, will attach to the pin to keep your skin from being injured by the sharp end.

Tie Strap

Tie strapThis is actually a great way to hold your tie in place. However, it does take away any adornment that a clip or bar can give your tie because it is attached to the back of the tie. The purpose is not to see it at all. It is a thin piece of material of the same color as the shirt, or a piece of clear, soft plastic that is loped through the label on the backside of your necktie. This piece of plastic or material is then buttoned onto the buttons of the shirt nearest the label. It is an excellent tool to hold your tie close to your shirt without restricting your movements.
Collar stays

Collar Stays

The way the shirt collar tips frame the knot of the necktie can make a big difference in the total look of the tie, separating polished from so-so. A nice, crisp collar says something about the man who wears it.

Pocket Square

The rest of the necktie accessories eluded to in the beginning can be pocket squares from the same silk material as the necktie, if the entire look lends itself to it. Here you can be very imaginative so long as the entire look does not detract from one of quiet sophistication. The pocket square may be more effective in white but you can still make a visual journey from tie to pocket square and vice versa. If your pocket square incorporates a small dot, stripe or diamond of the necktie pattern and color on one corner, eyes will be drawn involuntarily from tie to square.