How to Tie a Nicky Knot

The Nicky knot is a self-released variant of the known Pratt knot tying method. Just like the Pratt knot,the Nicky tying method necktie starting position is upside-down. The advantage of this method over the Pratt knot is that it is self-released – meaning you could take off your tie just by pulling the knot down. The Nicky knot forms a symmetrical, medium thick knot, and uses low-medium length of the necktie.

Nicky Knot Instructions

Nicky Knot Step 1

Place the tie on your neck so the wide end of the tie will be to the right and the narrow end to the left. place the tie so the wide end will be longer than the narrow end (about 13 inches longer).

Nicky Knot Step 2

Bring the wide end of the tie across the narrow end, behind it, to the left.

Nicky Knot Step 3

Bring the wide end of the tie upwards, above the neck loop.

Nicky Knot Step 4

Pull the wide end of the tie down, inside the necktie loop around your neck, to the right.

Nicky Knot Step 5

Turn the wide end of the tie to the left, across the narrow end, over it.

Nicky Knot Step 6

Pass the wide end of the tie inside the neck loop, upwards.

Nicky Knot Step 7

Pass the wide end of the tie down, inside the loop which created the last step. Finally, tighten the tie around your neck.


You successfully tied your tie using the Nicky Knot tying method! Keep practicing the Nicky Knot to get it memorized and tie it a lot faster and accurate.
Learn some more tying methods and find many more successful methods that will suit you!

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