Tying a Tie Tips for Beginners

Tying a tie for the first time can be really frustrating and seems very hard to get done properly. Don’t worry, it will become easier, and with time you could do it with your eyes closed. In this post I’ll give some tips for beginners to successfully tying a tie and getting a better knot shape. Let’s get started:

The first tip is to start from the beginning, meaning choosing a simple tying method. The Four In Hand tying method will be the best choice, since it is a simple and an easy one. Not only that the Four in Hand is a simple to tie, this knot is also the most popular one, and looks great! After learning this tying method you will understand that all the tying methods are basically similar, and mostly have the same ending…

Getting the right starting position for the knot (step 1): The starting position will determine the length of the tie after the tying, and therefore it is important. Knotting too high/low will cause the narrow end to extend below the necktie or the making the necktie too long.  The best way to get it the right way is to try couple of times until getting it right.

Do the knot slightly distant from your neck (steps 2-3), in order to have a better eye-contact with the knot and more space to tie the knot. Knotting the tie will be much simpler now! You’ll surprise it is a lot easier for the hands. Doing so will help getting a much better control during the tying.

Do not release your hand from the knot until the tightening part. It is ok to replace the hands during the tying. Releasing your hand form the knot during the tying could distort the knot, forcing you to start all over again.

Finally, the tightening part of the tying: this is the most important stage at the tying, and usually where the most of things go wrong. My tips:

– Before tightening, make sure the necktie is not wrinkled somewhere in the knot.

– Tighten the necktie until getting the right size and not beyond.

That’s it! You should know now everything you need in order to success in tying your tie. Now go to the instructions page and do the tying while the instructions are in front of you. Some people prefer doing the tying in front of a mirror, I personally recommends against it, at least not for the first time, especially because the steps aren’t known by heart well yet.