Women and Neckties, Is That So?

Woman in NecktieWomen and ties have had a long history together. Even though many think that ties are primarily men’s wear, women have also featured predominantly throughout history with the modern tie. The first instance in which some form of the modern tie was worn by women was during the Second World War, when women featured predominantly in offices. Their main function was to write down important messages that were relayed during the operations, and they had to follow proper dressing attire. They were supposed to wear a formal dress shirt, with a knee length skirt and a short tie in order to determine their rank and operational status.

The Windsor knot was used during that time, and this was the period during which women had actively begun to participate in offices and performance duty. With the progression of time, this turned in to a fashion statement, and it rose to the fore during the 60’s, when women began wearing ties as a form of fashion. In the 60’s, when the era of fashion really hit upon the US, women could be seen wearing a number of different kinds of knots and ties.

Primarily, at that time, the tie was used as a form of substitute for the customary female scarf. There were a number of different colors which were used for ties, and silk ties were regarded as very famous for women of that time. Contrasting shades, multi colored ties also began to get popular during that era. However, ties were still not featuring so prominently in professional offices during that time.

As compared to men, the tie that women used to wear during that time was pretty short, resting just above their breasts. With a multitude of different colors being available, women were able to pair their dresses with a variety of different ties. In the late 1960’s, ties were introduced as a part of formal attire for women. Even though it is not a very common piece of dress wear, many women that wear suits off to work often like to pair them up with ties.

During the 80’s, ties became more common and a different kind of tie was introduced for women. Rather than tying a knot, these ties had a knot that was already tied, and came with an elastic collar. Women could just put the tie around their necks, and put it below their collar, and it would look just like a normal tie. The good thing about this tie was that many women who didn’t know how to tie a necktie knot could now easily wear ties. Over time, these ties also became hugely common and at present, there are virtually a variety of different kinds of ties that women can buy. Many different fashion brands and companies have also begun to offer ties for women as a part of their fashion line, providing much more variety and uniqueness. Depending upon the preference of women, some ties are much shorter in length and thinner, while others are broader and lengthier.